Here we go again. Having emerged out of nowhere, it's back spreading fear. "Corona is my name", it exclaimed and drowned everyone it'd touched in the ocean of anxiety. Europe is plunging into the darkness with the modern plague - a virus that won't give up the fight.

Praise of rest


In this autumn period I experience an interesting phenomenon every year. One foot is still in the warm sea and the hand is already greeting Christmas holidays. It's like a jump from summer straight to winter. I indulge myself every year in total lounging.

You might think we're talking about socialist economic planning here. Indeed, the word "pětiletka", also known as a five-year plan, is inherently connected with it. Not in our case, however. :-)

Breaking Point


This year is marked by significant changes. I watch the shifts, and they've been around for quite a while, not only in myself but in my neighbourhood. The time is now ripe for a breaking point. And the year 2019 is in charge.

Great Friday


Who would have thought it's Easter already... We've barely recovered from the Christmas madness, and yet here's another holiday. I have the impression that today's holidays are synonymous to consumption fever. Some go grocery shopping for their festive tables to bend under the weight of greasy scones, dyed eggs, and unfortunately, which I can't...

A little while back, I read a post by a well-known blogger, whom I truly respect and whose undoubtedly inspiring life story I admire. Recently, her contributions are teeming with vegan and vegetarian recipes, which is a sign that the world trend has finally entered our pond.

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks we live in a strange world. We admire people who have often only proved that they were born well-off; people who can entertain us and people who excel more outwardly rather than in the content. We live in a society that admires inexperienced but beautiful youth. While age and eventful lives...

Vegan or Raw?


That's the question. It depends on what we care about. From my experience, veganism is the absolute foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Of course, this must go hand in hand with exercise and an optimistic outlook on life (doesn't work otherwise nowadays).

NO, - I always reply in a loud and rather emphatic way. It's about shopping of all sorts, where they have quite progressively stopped providing free plastic bags. Yes, it is an impressive step forward, compared to the previous years, when plastic bags and sacks were being accumulated in households, flying down the streets... and eventually would...

Do not worry, I won't write a paraphrase on Neruda's story "Where to go with it?". However, a similar rhetorical question suits the topic. You know, you have been trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle for some time; you first stop eating meat, then fish and eventually give up eggs and dairy. You finally live to your liking and...