The First Five-Year Plan


You might think we're talking about socialist economic planning here. Indeed, the word "pětiletka", also known as a five-year plan, is inherently connected with it. Not in our case, however. :-)

I have noticed that each stage in an individual's life has a certain, often fixed, duration. One counts it for a year, others for two, and I go with five. There is always something new happening to my family every 5 years, without me trying to follow any plans of the past regime. And today, on the 9.9.2019, the moment MyRaw Café turns five has finally arrived.

I think it would be appropriate to summarise the results of the past five years. My family and I started a business we knew very little about. We were driven by the idea of ​​bringing a healthier, more ethical way of eating into local gastronomy. Many tried to discourage us, claiming that people love their food roasted and boiled, industrially processed, wrapped in plastic, and with dozens of chemical additives. They referred to products of animal origin in particular.

We didn't believe them and, thus, persevered. And if I can evaluate our performance for MyRaw customers, the hard work has paid off. Many things happened in those 5 years. We met new colleagues, found excellent suppliers, and got acquainted with you, our dear guests. Thank you!
I would also like to express my gratitude for those of you who, through your daily publications on Instagram, Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google, show us that we are on the right track. Everything we do in MyRaw Café we do for you, with love and hope that one day healthy and honest food will be available everywhere.

During our workshops, we've taught hundreds of people to prepare raw food. We have changed the opinion of many sceptics on raw desserts being flavourless coconut blocks. We have invented hundreds of new recipes, both salty and sweet. You recognise our brand as a hallmark of quality, not in the Czech Republic alone but also abroad.

We are and will always be vegan, gluten-free, and, as much as possible, zero waste. Over the past five years, we've inspired many of our colleagues and certainly quite a few of our customers to explore veganism. For people with a gluten-free diet, MyRaw is a paradise. ☺ From the very start, we strictly sort our waste. Our takeaway materials are compostable, and we always try to replace disposable packaging for an alternative (project "Otoč kelímek", bamboo straws, etc.). I am also happy with my colleagues who, when they go shopping, wear their tote and fruit bags.

It might seem that everything is complete and with no issues whatsoever. But there's still a lot of work to do. We will negotiate the waste matter with the suppliers who have not changed their attitude to plastics until we reach our goal.
So the word at the end:

One five-year period for MyRaw Café ends, yet another begins. We are different now, more experienced than at the start. We will try to improve what we can. So thank you for your reviews. This is our driving force and our goal - to be your favourite café in the heart of Prague.
Once again, thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Mirka MyRaw