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We are raw food and coffee enthusiasts. In 2014, we decided to open a raw vegan café, which, until then, had not been seen anywhere in Prague or even Czechia.

The idea was born in the minds of Miroslava Malaníková, her daughter Petra, Tomáš Bezděk, and our barista Jakub Hanuška. There was no time to waste, as everyone was looking forward to the new beginning. MyRaw Café opened its doors for the very first time on September 9, 2014, in Gourmet Passage Dlouhá.

The café is a supporter of raw vegan food, ie a healthy lifestyle, where all raw materials are processed up to a maximum temperature of 42 ° C, and therefore retain their "living" value of all enzymes and vitamins. Raw food thus contributes to the prevention of most diseases of civilization and slows down aging.



We will be happy to show you the magic and benefits of raw food. Follow us on social networks so that you don't miss the deadline for new courses or write to us at info@myraw.cz and we will inform you about the course dates.



Are you planning a celebration, company meeting or conference? We can prepare catering to measure and believe that thanks to raw food delicacies we will create an unforgettable taste experience.

We can create


We will be happy to create your dream wedding cake with the flavor of your choice, e.g. lavender, blueberry, chocolate or tirawmisu.

The price is given for 1 kg of cake weight and will further depend on individual requirements.

To order, please contact us: info@myraw.cz or +420 737 123 382

Inside our café

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