At Home in Kocourkov*


I guess I'm not the only one who thinks we live in a strange world. We admire people who have often only proved that they were born well-off; people who can entertain us and people who excel more outwardly rather than in the content. We live in a society that admires inexperienced but beautiful youth. While age and eventful lives are useless and unwanted for us. We live in a world where white is black and black is white again. We are led by people who cheat and lie, instead of honest Mirka Dušíns (where the hell are they hiding?).

We see it at every step. Politicians are competing over who cares for us more, the ads churn out perfect bodies, sporting events and great entertainment in the form of music and superficial TV series. Our icons are complete only with the help of various apps to avoid gaps. On the screen, we present life situations that, in reality, occupy only a fraction of the time, such as falling in love, having a love affair, or hosting a grand party. One would think that the world is there just for beautiful, rich and thus successful individuals.

But the real heroes are hidden under this superficial deposition. Who knows the extraordinary man who has been working on developing a cure for HIV and cancer all his life? Most will remember the one who won Wimbledon rather than Professor Holý. Who knows someone who has been researching free energy for years, except for the renowned Nikola Tesla? And so in most cases, you'll see a conceited fool getting off the latest model of the Mercedes rather than a regular car. Under glamourous and expensive dresses, there is often only a lack of idea and spirit.

But these people, be they heroes or Dušíns, are not appreciated in their lives, at least not according to our "traditional" standards. Their inventions are instantly locked into vaults and kept secret. Our male councillors are not about our benefit but about theirs. Has anyone wondered why, for instance, doctors and advertisers are recommending pharmaceuticals that only remotely and inefficiently copy natural sources? Why are sweets and food baffling us while hurting our health? Why are alternative cancer treatments prohibited when they actually help? Why are we prosecuted for feeding children healthily, with no chemistry and preservatives? And mothers of children, who sit with them at fast food restaurants and cook (reheat) semi-finished meals in microwaves, are exemplary mothers? 

The answer is simple. It's on our councillors, whom we believe in boundlessly. The truth is that no one other than you cares about you. The rest is business. It depends on money alone. Wouldn't it be exciting to see what is beyond the Kocourkov's borders? What if we try to use our own brain and not rely solely on flint and mindless TV advertising and entertainment?

A wise line of an unknown philosopher comes to my mind, "The politicians are trying to tell us that our life is about the economy. Yet the opposite is true. We are not here because of the economy but to learn how to love."

Sincerely yours,
Mirka MyRaw

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