Breaking Point


This year is marked by significant changes. I watch the shifts, and they've been around for quite a while, not only in myself but in my neighbourhood. The time is now ripe for a breaking point. And the year 2019 is in charge. 

I find the shift mainly psychic or mental. People are awakening from lethargy. At last, we start caring about climate change and the associated trends in eating, as well as zero waste. And, the wonder of wonders, patience for greedy and morally corrupt politicians has suddenly matured. We've been deprived of it.

Throughout the past few months, people, dissatisfied with the current state of things, would crowd into the town squares, until the point they got Wenceslas Square filled up to the brim. So far, social networks have been struggling with fights between supporters and opponents of the demonstrations, or 'concerts in good weather', if you like. I do hope that the cases surrounding the prime minister, still shrouded in mystery, are now beginning to clear up like wine. I do believe they will be transparent to everyone as a crystal spring. I also believe that public concerns (and I do not mean the infamous side of the past) are going in the right direction.

The vibe of demonstrations is so strong that all individuals participating become better people. They cease to think about their well-being and comfort - thoughts on the society are above all. May this spirit persist and not leave us at the first failure or obstacle! The spirit of community and struggle for better tomorrow brought me to year '89. Back then, as a young law student, I feared no threat if the revolution failed. We went into it head and heart. And the revolution is back. 

Thirty years is not a long time in history, and I feel that only the first steps towards freedom and democracy have been taken. And now it is necessary to make another, quite crucial step. I would like to thank everyone who attends our 'open-air concerts' regularly. We chant and sing as one man, as a whole. It is a really powerful experience. Those who try to defend themselves by not even knowing what's going on, nor understanding it, nor trusting either side, will not stand next to me.

The freedom of an individual and society has been fought for since time immemorial. It is our ultimate test, and no one can stand aloof. Others argue about the iniquities of the past. Yes, they're right, mistakes were made, whatever decade of the last century we take. But those mistakes must be corrected, not overlooked. Each of us is guilty of the situation. And everyone who is not indifferent to where and how to live has a duty to put a hand to the work and try to replace the broken parts. I believe in people, I believe in love, and I believe in the truth. Let's go and play the most beautiful concert of our time together on 23.6. in Letná. I'll be there. And you?
Enjoy your summer days!

Sincerely yours,
Mirka MyRaw