Praise of rest


In this autumn period I experience an interesting phenomenon every year. One foot is still in the warm sea and the hand is already greeting Christmas holidays. It's like a jump from summer straight to winter. I indulge myself every year in total lounging.

With the years we have some functions and therefore worries. This year I have an important position as a grandmother to be a manager, operating, attorney, writer, wife and mother (understand cleaners, cooks and laundries) ;-). And I could really be in the 24/7. But somehow it is not possible, because we are not robots, but people. An important essence of humanity is thinking and inventing not only foolishness, but also interesting projects and visions. And to do that, you need a lot of lounging when you really don't do anything.

I enjoy it literally to the fullest and after a few days in warm regions I forget all the problems that haunted me day and night at home. All of a sudden they become smaller and only the positive effects that my colleagues and I have achieved in the last year will come to the surface. It is a week of balancing and outlooks. Now I know that escaping from everyday life, whatever it is, leaving all your love, children and dogs, is vital to me. Without this step I would soon become an empty and burnt wreck, which I see around, unfortunately, not many.

So my experience and lesson is this: if we want to manage the difficult tasks still brilliantly and go boldly, we must not forget to take proper rest without any extra activity. I look into the sea waves and watch the world as if from a distance. I do not burden my head with any demanding idea and then I let them flow freely. And sometimes, on this wave, it complements the quite interesting solution of the unsolvable problem I left in my homeland. As if it had matured and cracked itself.

Beware of so-called active rest ;-). This contradictory combination of words has always frightened me. It is a rest for our psyche, but not for the physical. So, in order for everything to be consistent, both are needed. At least for me.

We wish you beautiful autumn days
Mirka MyRaw