I, Corona. Vol. ll


Here we go again. Having emerged out of nowhere, it's back spreading fear. "Corona is my name", it exclaimed and drowned everyone it'd touched in the ocean of anxiety. Europe is plunging into the darkness with the modern plague - a virus that won't give up the fight.

In the summer, we thought it had all been long gone. Rejoicing at the regained freedom and health, we went to restaurants and bars. We danced, we partied. Everyone was impatiently booking their next beach holiday. We had no idea the beast could be lurking around the corner, hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to get hold of us again. Just as we took a deep breath and reopened the café, there was an unwelcome surprise.

The cafe is empty yet again, and the "takeaway only" status isn't exactly helpful. In other years, an eternity ago, the café would burst at the seams with tourists and locals until Christmas Day itself. How do we deal with the current situation? As the holiday approaches, the tension and stress will only increase. Some are worried about their health and the health of their loved ones, while others experience existential crises. On top of that, there is the annual "Christmas fever".

At MyRaw Food, the main worry will be the preparation of Christmas sweets for you. We firmly believe that we will be able to do it, with some subsidies from the state and the help of our loyal customers. Your support is invaluable to us. We are preparing vouchers for future use in the hope that soon enough, we'll be allowed to reopen (in compliance with all safety hygiene measures, of course) and things will slowly return to normal. None of us wants the situation to get worse, but we also do not wish on our lives to take place behind the closed doors of our homes.

Let everyone decide on their own and take responsibility not only for themselves but also for others. And in our café, you can take the best possible path to health and gain strong immunity. Fresh quality food - that's the way to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy psyche, and no unnecessary stress; the feeling of happiness and freedom withal.

The situation is serious, and it is necessary to start fighting by all available means. Don't be fooled by bad news and shady predictions. Take your destiny into your own hands. Eat well, get enough sleep, and stay active. Start running or practising yoga, give baking a shot, write a book. Fulfil your dreams. Go to warmer countries, if you can, or plan a future trip. Simply put, do anything that brings meaning to your life. And what doesn't is to be left behind. Say goodbye and move on. You can do everything. Don't give up without a fight. But most importantly, try to be cool. 

It turns out that the spring struggle was just a warm-up round. We are now headed for a real battle with sharp weapons. And it is not necessarily the last one. But as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So, ladies and gentlemen, let's go fight for our precious lives, for everything of value to us. The world will not get rid of the enemy without our intervention. Don't fold your weapons before the first shot, don't throw your rifle in the rye. Let's unite for the lives of us all.

Stay healthy, stay strong.
Sincerely yours,
Mirka MyRaw