Great Friday


Who would have thought it's Easter already... We've barely recovered from the Christmas madness, and yet here's another holiday. I have the impression that today's holidays are synonymous to consumption fever. Some go grocery shopping for their festive tables to bend under the weight of greasy scones, dyed eggs, and unfortunately, which I can't forgive, even roasted chickens.

Others set out for family trips, some travel beyond the national borders and everyday life. For years, it's been a rule for us to spend these holidays skiing. Since we're all vegan, I do not have the need to bring eggs for dyeing, baking an Easter lamb or scones. Not that we never treat ourselves, no. We've been enjoying raw sweets for over five years now. ;-) And I have to tell you that it is a very liberating feeling. I wish I could get away from other useless "traditions", e.g. Christmas. ;-)

On Good Friday, I was thinking about the story behind it. Based on the Catholic interpretation of the legend, Good Friday is a reflection on the meaning of life. On the one hand, we have heroic individuals striving for the well-being of others and guiding them in the right direction. On the other hand, there is the fear of men in power who are threatened by the thinking population. Good Friday symbolises the struggle for truth and love, the struggle for a better future. It is each of us standing up against the ruling power.

So how do others view Good Friday and Easter? Alas, the effects of consumerism are found here, in the fresh air below the Alpine peaks, too. People rejoice at the sight of nature, then stuff their bellies with absolutely nonsensical and disgusting food, mostly fried. No fasting took place really, and I assume there is zero awareness of what is being celebrated (holidays are holidays).
On Holy Saturday, Lil Dicky, a famous American rapper, released a single called Earth, featuring such celebrities as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I suggest that you watch the video and listen to the lyrics.

Does anyone realise that we have 12 years left to change our way of life and save the Earth for future generations? If not, this song might help you. Even though the consumer society does not perceive anything but its welfare. It's like a group of drug addicts who are still surrounded by the necessary doses. Nothing is wrong until they run out of the supplies. And that can happen to our planet in the nearest future.

Paradoxically, the true meaning of Easter came to me only with veganism. It is in no way a consumerists' holiday. Easter is about Lent.
It is when one should start looking up to new challenges and new lives.
Protect the helpless and always be the best version of yourself. And this is what I believe in.

Have a nice day!
Sincerely yours,

Mirka MyRaw 

Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)