Will We Take Their Job?


The title may suggest that I am a first-class feminist armed to my teeth and resolved to overthrow the much-discussed dominance of men. No, it's not the correct interpretation of the initial question... 

My consideration is focused on the efforts of many young and older women trying to get along with men in their domain - the muscles. In the times of my youth, as my grandmother said, a woman was associated with beauty, tenderness, and motherhood. But also with everything soft, delicate, and mainly rounded ;-). On the other hand, a man was supposed to be strong, fit, sunken, and somewhat angular. And so I ask: what has happened to femininity since then?
I find it unfortunate that we just want to make up for a "stronger" gender. Reach their level in the volume of our muscles, in our body strength and have a so-called "six-pack" on the belly instead of the cute tire of its six Buchteln. For that reason alone, almost every young girl, at least twice a week, MUST visit a gym or run at least a few miles. Being fit is a new thing, and in drawing men's attention women use their physical performance, not their cooking or sewing skills.

Gradually the gentle gender is turning into a sort of gender in "betwixt", which belongs neither to subtle femininity nor to manly power. Feeling threatened, we bring up a secret army of modern Amazons. I remember that in the 1980s there was a hit movie called "Sexmise". This Polish sci-fi is on the future of mankind that did not need men (or else they are supposedly extinct after a global disaster). I have the impression that this is exactly what females are now preparing for. We can no longer say that we are the gentle ones since it's an insult to many. The word "weak" is simply prohibited. Our "warriors" are comparable to men, and each and every one desires to marry that six-pack on the stomach, as the symbol of "beauty" and "perfection".

For this reason, it is popular to be protein-doped and to argue whether we take too much of it or not. I don't consume any extra protein, because I think that vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds have enough protein for my body. The evidence is my taut back, which, despite the fact I do not exercise regularly, is strong and trim (my husband is still amazed at it). The only workout I do is housework and carrying bags of cake boxes. 

Perhaps I will be accused of defection from the Amazon Army, but I will remain faithful to the classic concept of female beauty. And I don't care about having a small and cute tire on my belly. I'd rather have "six raw Buchteln" with my coffee and dream of girls and women being women again and of men being men.

Sincerely yours,
Mirka MyRaw

Protein Smoothie:
a handful of strawberries, mulberries or anything good ;-)
2 ripe (spotty) bananas
1 tbsp Sunwarrior Vanilla Plus protein powder