The Right To Healthy Eating

Dear friend, welcome to our blog! The idea has been there for quite a while, but I never had enough time and courage to take the first step due to my busy schedule. 

A few words on myself. Mirka Malaníková. 52 years old. I have two daughters and a husband, and together we are the founders of MyRaw Café in Prague and MyRaw Food Bar in Brno, and MyRaw Food Showroom in Roztoky. How did I get here? Some might think it was merely a coincidence, but I don't believe in the latter. 

Apart from being a solicitor, I'm very enthusiastic about fiction writing (Mission MM I & II, His Majesty the Greyhound). The endless attempts to unravel the various mysteries of our world led me to alternative treatment and, as a matter of fact, a state of illness. The only cure was a transition to a healthy diet: first vegetarian, then vegan, and, finally, raw vegan. To sum up: I spent 4/5 of my life as did most people on our planet, completely unaware of what I ate, how, and why I did it. My diet was heavily influenced by tradition, family, and society as a whole. For another 1/5 of my time, I've been trying to make sense out of both my deeds and nutrition. And not only for health, beauty, or greater longevity. I think about what I consume and find the linkage. Our bodies are not dustbins, and what we eat does matter to all of us. 

The blog post you are reading was inspired by a journalist and their interview's title. Everything fell into place - solicitors are there to protect our rights. It made me wonder if we really have the right to choose our food, and most importantly if we have the right to information on what we consume. The answer is yes, we do. And that is the most important thing.

Here's where this simple introduction comes to an end. Stay tuned to be the first to try our recipes & join us on the path to mindful living!

Thank you in advance for your comments and ideas.
Sincerely yours,
Mirka MyRaw