MyRaw Café

In Praise Of Imperfection

23.07. 2018 | So I've been telling myself, and for a good couple of years, something is wrong. Social networks are swollen from impeccable bodies, faultless meal plans, and living patterns beyond our imagination. Each person found on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is saturated with information on how to get fit, lose weight, beautify, never grow old, and appeal to everyone. Read more...

Holidays – The Perfect Time To Make A Change

17.07. 2018 | The holiday season is in full swing. It’s a wonderful time of warm sunshine, cycling, and travelling. Some prefer spending their vacation abroad, next to the clear sea, others opt for quiet cottage stays in the middle of forests and groves. We look forward to every single day, whether we go mushroom picking or decide to conquer the Atlantic in a yacht. Read more...

The Right To Healthy Eating

15.07. 2018 | Dear friend, welcome to our blog! The idea has been there for quite a while but due to my busy schedule, I never had enough time and courage to take the first step... Read more...


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