MyRaw Café

MyRaw Food Ltd., operating MyRaw Café as well as MyRaw Food Bar in Brno marketplace on Zelný trh square, is devoted to raw vegan food, thus a healthy lifestyle, where all ingredients are processed only up to temperature of 42°C, therefore keep their life-like levels of all enzymes and vitamins. That is how raw food contributes to prevention of most civilization diseases and slows down aging.

Currently, MyRaw Café offers variety, consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner on daily menu or menu itself, which is accompanied by salty snacks such as nut cheeses, dips and sticks. Although café’s true specialty are its raw vegan desserts. Café also offers the best roasted coffee as well as alternative preparation of coffee.

All of MyRaw products are made of fresh and strictly plant based, mostly bio quality ingredients, which do not contain gluten, lactose, or refined sugar. You can see for yourself in our cozy café, where preparation of all our products is conducted right in front of our customers in form of show-cooking.

Our team will happily please even all of the smoothie and fresh drinks lovers. One of the new features in our offer is a range of smoothies, some of which are prepared from young coconuts. For special occasions, or just for a taste, we serve authentic organic wines from Czech, carefully selected wine growers, especially form Mr. Dalibor Osička from Velké Bílovice. We also offer Czech bio Cider from Všenory.

Did you know...

Raw veganism is a nutritional movement and its foundation is consuming only plant-based, non-heat treated foods.

Pythagoras, philosopher: "Only lively, fresh nutrition enables people to see the truth."

For preparation of better tasting coffee, we use only a handmade milks from nuts.

Albert Einstein, mathematician: "Nothing can raise our chances of survival on Earth like a step towards vegetarian diet."



MyRaw Food Brno

Since 14/1/19 we are selling products from Ovegano (vegan bistro). We are starting with their spreads!

MyRaw Food in Brno

MyRaw Food Bar in newly renovated marketplace on Zelný trh square in Brno is open for you Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00, Sat from 9:00 to 18:00 MyRaw Food Bar Brno
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Gourmet Pasáž
Dlouhá 39
Prague 1

TEL +420 603 889 016   EMAIL [email protected]

Opening hours
Mo - Fr          9.00 - 21.00
Sa                9.00 - 21.00
Su                9.00 - 19.00