MyRaw Café

From 1996 on and up until recently, I worked as a solicitor. Since 2010,
I have also been active as a writer (Mise MM aneb Mesiáš přijde za sedm dní, Mise MM II aneb kód 37, Jeho veličenstvo chrt, Pohádka z kontejneru), and my path is now headed towards promoting a healthy lifestyle through MyRaw Café.

My raw vegan journey started in the summer of 2013 - I had already had some experience with healthy living, being a vegetarian, and later vegan, for many years. At first, I would only make cakes for my family and friends. Later, my daughter Petra went vegan too, so did my husband and youngest daughter Adéla.

To me and my family, the vegan lifestyle means understanding the world on a global scale, not judging things based on what they look or taste like. I support ethical lifestyle, ecological responsibility, and organic agriculture without genetic modification.


Gourmet Pasáž
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