MyRaw Café

Graduated from High school of Hotel management and Gastronomy of Hotel International in Dejvice, Prague. After receiving vocational certificate and then passing leaving examination as a waiter, I have worked in Golf Yacht Prague Hotel.

Coffee got my attention later, when I had worked in Prague’s premier Café Lounge on Újezd, where I had spent more than three years and I was privileged to work with our country’s top baristas. I had also managed to get many contacts from gastronomy, which I was able to use while starting MyRaw Café.

I didn’t hesitate when I was approached with an offer to work here and one of the reasons is that I have known the owners and first main chef since my childhood.


Gourmet Pasáž
Dlouhá 39
Prague 1

TEL +420 603 889 016   EMAIL [email protected]

Opening hours
Mo - Fr          9.00 - 21.00
Sa                9.00 - 21.00
Su                9.00 - 19.00